Rolling up help page ecosystem in your Angular SPAs

For most of us  programmers help page is the last on the mind. Tons of advice on the web I know on how one should work well on the help pages, but eventually it just cannot snatch any priority for us developers /designers. We just see the users as the ones who would be able to grasp all that thrown onto the screen the moment they see it.

But this is not about harping to get you realize the significance of dedicated help pages. This is just to give you an idea of how you can (if you are convinced you need it) build a easy help page ecosystem for your angular SPA using the module routes and simple directive.

Ask a user the value of a crisp help page for your data application. Since you as a developer have a clear view of the database design you might dismiss the user’s difficulty as trivial one but eventually you would have to build a ecosystem of help pages.

Here is how you can leave out leeway for the help pages, and given that you are employing the route Provider there is a easy way of doing things.


Whats in that ?

  1. Help pages now can be progressively added as just html pieces in the respective virtual folders
  2. Adding config statements to the module would mean you are just pointing to the help pages

Have a look at the gist here : Github Gist this would give you a view of what’s happening behind all the talk.

I found this to be slic and convenient. Help pages can just be static pages or interactive , all what you now can proceed is just add htmls and append the config with more cases.

Give it a shot – let me know if this convincing.


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