That relativity of angular broadcasts

Broadcasting , nice but some caution required

Broadcasting is a nice way of getting your messages percolate downward to all the directives underneath. With the limited ways that directives communicate to each other this is the convenient option, closely resembling the event system. You can ridicule calling it dependent on the string names , but then for now , that is still better than to have services carry your messages around. Broadcasting though you have to realize is an asynchronous task. With no message receipt you are left groping in the dark anticipating that the broadcasts are done doing what they are supposed to.

Broadcasts, one should realize are asynchronous tasks. Its like Mars rover confirming back to earthlings of its safe landing, but the ones here on earth who it intended to communicate to , are no longer alive!

It came as a demeaning realization to me recently, knowing angular for quite sometime now, I admit I casually used it as one would in a synchronous scenario. Next I know I was struggling to digest the fact that angular can really dishonor data bindings !
Kneejerk reaction is to check for all variables names and the scope declarations, but once that is done you are just helpless, grappling for answers on either stackoverflow , or When nothing seems to add up you might as well consider checking for any asynchronous operations you might have abused.


Asynchrony is alien to us

Here is what I was trying to get done: While the parent directive was able to broadcast all the required messages to the child directives, the receipt of those broadcasts was in a distinct “space-time” zone. That is where i realized the relativity of broadcasting messaging. We were always baffled by black holes and space -time fabric ruptures. More we deny these the more we spot them.


Then a few hours after putting console.log ( ) all over I finally discovered $boradcast is the one that goes through the worm hole into a distinct dimension. To enable to hear what $broadcast has done we have to delay the the execution of the code block shown above by some intuitive time.

$boradcast goes through a wormhole and the implementation is on the other end of space-time dimension. Earlier you realize this better it is. Solution is just a thought away but to accept the fact that they have time delay is a bit twisted.


Clueless code block needed a small delay ! The wormhole was a gateway to the past and the parent directive should have been waiting for all those child directives to finish running the event implementations !


If you are willing to let go your inertia and dig into the code – here it is
illustration on github gist


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