Tabby-Tab : Angular tab-control in a jiffy!

What I need is a working tab control. Spare me the the frills and fancies ,just get me a control that works and looks decent. Tabby tab does just that. Plug the code from github–Tabby on Github

How many times have you wrestled with the tab control from bootstrap ? While bootstrap is a convenience we all appreciate, tab-controls and drop downs are a bit of odd-ball. Fooling around with the ‘hrefs’  has not got any good. Too many moving parts , and messy HTML code. Does a simple tab control really need all this html markup to get a control that shifts between the clicks ?

bootstrap tab control

Above is a code excerpt from bootstrap for the tab-control. If you still like to get all that code for creating the buttons, I guess then you don’t need my control at all. If not then you are here at the right place. For me , it is just too much of html just to get going with the tab. And moreover the content is still not in place.

Can there be a control where the developer just puts up a content in <div> and the control does everything behind the scenes ? Number of tab-buttons are then just the number of <div> s the user has put up!


Here is what in contrast Tabby would need you to do to get the simple tab-control working. Refer to the Tabby Git Wiki page and let me know if this really works for you ?

This is freebie and source is open on Github, get it down , suggest me changes , or you can even raise bugs / enhancements.


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